Custom made solutions

La Veneta Forme is the ideal partner for the design and production of structures in polystyrene made to measure and swimming pools also made to measure.

Structures in sintered polystyrene foam

Good resistance, compactness, ease of construction and a high coefficient of thermal insulation make sintered polystyrene foam (EPS) a suitable material for the most varied applications, from wellness centres to spas, to furnishings, to the nautical sector, to design, etc. Thanks to the flexibility of EPS, the architect, the project developer, the set designer, the window dresser and the designer can finally give free expression to their fantasy in the creation of forms otherwise difficult to realize with ordinary materials.

Swimming pools in polypropylene

The swimming pools designed and made to measure by La Veneta Forme are constructed in polypropylene, a smooth finished surface, not susceptible to osmosis, which does not require any coating, has guaranteed permanent colours, resistant to freezing temperatures, to UV rays and to chemical substances. Thanks to the great versatility of this material, it is possible to produce swimming pools of every shape and size on request, keeping in mind the space and the costs of production agreed upon with the client.